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Quality modern polypropylene T-Tag treasury tags for home and office use:

  • Improved alternative to metal, plastic-ended and elastic treasury tags.
  • Great for binding documents, handouts and organising papers.
  • Fully shreddable and recyclable.
  • Designed to withstand at least 2.5kg of force.
  • Five colours and two sizes (25mm and 50mm – see size guide).
  • Designed in the UK. Patent pending. 

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Get Organised

Whether its loose notes from lectures and seminars, household bills or work papers, T-Tag treasury tags are great for keeping papers organised before you put them away. Have a different colour tag for each category. 

See how T-Tag customers are using T-Tag treasury tags in law firms, music studios and at home

Presentations, Handouts and Booklets

Use T-Tag treasury tags to bind presentation handouts or leaflets. With multiple vibrant colours to choose from, there is a tag to match any colour or theme. Our 25mm tags are perfect for holding a few pieces of paper or card together. Easily add or remove sheets at any time.

See how the Fashion Space Gallery is using T-Tag treasury tags for its exhibition guide.

Read on the Move

T-Tag treasury tags are great for binding reading materials (such as a printed chapter of a book or a report), particularly if you are busy and reading on the move. Because they don’t take up any room, you can easily slip your papers into your bag or hand luggage!

Schools and Universities

T-Tag treasury tags - schools and universities

Great for holding together exam answer sheets, colour coding marking materials and binding essays and dissertations. See our size guide for details of how many pages they can hold.

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