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"These are really great and much stronger than they look!"
(5 star review, Amazon.co.uk)


"I usually use the old metal and string treasury tags and thought I would try these. They are much easier to put through thicker bundles of paper and smooth to turn the pages. I haven't tried snapping them yet as I only bought 20!"

(5 star review, Amazon.co.uk)

"Very glad to have discovered these, as they are a huge improvement on Treasury tags; they don't get tangled in the packet and the different colours has made using them for filing easy! ... will be ordering again soon."

(5 star review, Amazon.co.uk)

"Thank you again for shipping my tags to the US! I appreciate the UK seal and it has, along with a tag, gone into my scrapbook as a memorable souvenir from across the pond, lol.
They have been helpful with being able to extract and bind sections of pages from my giant and heavy notebooks. They would also be cute on gift tags and as nerdy stocking stuffers.
I am sure you have thought of this, but they also work great as knit and stitch markers! I just took these gems on my iPhone cam. ;) 
Happy Holidays!"
(KS, Massachusets, US)


"We are really pleased with how the tags are working, as it allows people to pick and choose which texts they want to take, thereby compiling their own custom exhibition guide. The service from T-Tag has also been brilliant. We ordered several thousand tags on Friday and we had them by Monday."

(Kat Thiel, Fashion Space Gallery, London)

"I ordered some tags as an emergency backup - initially because I found myself up in London at Abbey Road Studies without any means of binding some music. I normally use either a coil binder, plastic comb binder or folders but found myself lacking any of my normal methods. I was very impressed with T-Tag's stylish website and efficiency in sending the tags. I love the colours. Carry on the good work!"
(Jill Streater, Jill Streater Music Limited)


"I ordered some T-Tag treasury tags and had them delivered to the office. I use these to hold together papers together on my desk. I am really impressed by how easy they are to use compared to the old treasury tags and how strong they are (I often find I prefer using these over a lever arch file).  Other people in the office noticed them and asked where they were from.  T-Tags are now so popular in the office, a bulk order has been placed."

(Nabeel Osman, solicitor at City law firm, London)

"I was looking for a flexible way to fasten files for students when I thought of those treasury tags my Dad used to use. I needed a more modern version, one that wouldn't rust, and one that could stand up to being done and undone by the users. T-tags impressed the engineering students by their design and have fulfilled their purpose as adaptable and durable fasteners."

(Susanna Wesson, ELT Teacher, School of Engineering, France)

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