Size Guide

T-Tag treasury tags are currently produced in 2 sizes (25mm and 50mm).

T-Tag treasury tags have a polypropylene plastic cord, which makes them easier to thread than treasury tags with cotton or elastic cords

With T-Tag treasury tags, the quantity of paper that can be held by each tag is equal to the length of the cord, less half the length of the T-bar. This is because enough space needs to be left to allow the T-bar to flick back into place once it has been pushed through the hole in the paper. 

Cord Size (length)

T-bar Size

Quantity of Paper each tag can hold (thickness)

Approximate maximum number of pages each tag can hold (standard 80gsm office paper)










Traditional metal-ended and plastic-ended treasury tags come in various sizes (25mm, 51mm, 76mm, 102mm, 127mm and 152mm).  They always have a 25mm T-bar.  Because T-Tag treasury tags can be threaded using the length of the cord, the cord and the T-bars don't have to be so long (for example, the T-bars are only 15mm on the 25mm tags).

Purchase 25mm or 50mm T-Tag treasury tags in blue, yellow, green or pink.