T-Tag treasury tags used in interactive art installation in London July 05 2019, 0 Comments

T-Tag treasury tags were recently used as part of an interactive art installation that was displayed at a mass lobby in Westminster.  The lobby was organised by the Climate Coalition and more than 10,000 people attended to urge MPs to take urgent action against climate change. 

A large text-based installation was constructed, spelling out the phrase "ACT NOW!".  Individual letters roamed throughout the crowd during the day and came together at certain points to parade in formation.  


During the event coloured seed paper tags were handed out with the words "I want to see a world where..." printed on one side and asked people to complete the sentence. These seed-tags were then attached to the large letters using T-Tag treasury tags. 


The installation and messages will be showcased to politicians and members of the public after the event to demonstrate the large number of people calling for action. The messages about the world you want to see will be eventually planted and become a symbol of hope for a world where our environment and climate are restored.


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