Binding an Exhibition Guide: See how the Fashion Space Gallery is using T-Tag Treasury Tags January 29 2016, 0 Comments

It has been said that "innovators are the folks who sit in the front row at a fashion show", so we shouldn't have been too surprised when the Fashion Space Gallery, at the London College of Fashion, got in touch enquiring about using our 25mm T-Tag treasury tags to bind their exhibition guide.

We are really thrilled. We have been using T-Tag treasury tags to bind our handouts and marketing materials since we launched and have been encouraging others to see their potential beyond traditional uses. The kinds of uses that we have discussed with people include: 

  • Seminars: running a seminar where you are handing out various sheets as you go along. You can provide each person with a T-Tag treasury tag and they can build up their own booklet as each new sheet is provided.
  • Colour theme: organising an event with a colour theme, such as a pink themed wedding or yellow themed fundraising event. You can have paper fasteners that match the colour theme of your event. 
  • Marketing: running a marketing event or attending a trade show where you have various information sheets targeted at different people. You can pick and choose which sheets are relevant to different people and bind them together with a tag matching your corporate colour. 

We were therefore really pleased when the Fashion Space Gallery told us they wanted to use our hot pink tags for the exhibition guide for Mad About The Boy (8 January - 2 April 2016). We've been down to see the exhibition and it is a brilliant show, exploring fashion's obsession with the young male, presenting the work of a variety of designers and photographers. It is clearly a huge success. A quick look on Instagram shows that only three weeks since the show opened, there are already over 5,000 pictures tagged with the hashtag #MadAboutTheBoy (including some stylish shots of our pink tags (see below)).  


The exhibition guide comprises a series of pre-punched sheets of text, which are located at different places around the gallery. Visitors are being provided with a 25mm hot pink T-Tag treasury tag to compile and bind their own custom guide as they walk around.

Kat Thiel of the Fashion Space Gallery said: 

"We are really pleased with how the tags are working, as it allows people to pick and choose which texts they want to take, thereby compiling their own custom exhibition guide. The service from T-Tag has also been brilliant. We ordered several thousand tags on Friday and we had them by Monday." 

The exhibition guide has also been a hit with visitors, with one person, @indiamustbeashley, commenting on Instagram:

"Such a fantastic exhibition, I really enjoyed the set up & the leaflets along the way."


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